musicworx is now offering music theory classes for students who take instrument or voice training but have not had the opportunity to formally devote time to understanding the language of music during their usual music lessons.

Theory is an important part of learning any instrument – it helps students make sense of music and provides them with the skills and knowledge to develop their music ability.  In the same way that taking language classes can help a student become more articulate, so does taking theory classes. Students may wish to take classes out of interest, to improve their practical skills or to work towards AMEB, ANZCA or ABRSM examinations.

Minimum age: 6 years and over, including adults.
Location: North-western suburbs of Melbourne (please enquire for more specific details).
Class type: Individual or small group (group session availability is dependent on number of enrolments)
Lesson length: 30 mins, 45 mins or 1 hour
Price: $30 for 30 mins.  Longer sessions pro rata.  Group class prices vary depending on numbers.


Theory – a Beginner’s Guide:  Learn the rudiments of theory.  Great opportunity for those students who wish to consolidate information learnt in practical classes.  No exam preparation.  No pressure!

Theory – Master the Language of Music: A graded approach to learning music theory, with clear explanations as each concept is introduced.  Workbooks are utilised for additional revision.  Content covered will ensure that students will have all the required knowledge for AMEB / ANZCA / ABRSM syllabus.

Preparation for ANZCA / AMEB Examinations: An opportunity to review material set out by the examination board through a series of revision exercises, past exam papers practice and discussion about exam preparation.

Please message us for more information or to make a booking.