Wenzu enjoys a drink (or six!) at the local tavern, catching up on the news and spending time with his mates after a hard day’s work. Meanwhile, his wife Rożi is at home, attending to the daily chores. Will the wine wash away Wenzu’s cares or add to them on his return home?

Wenzu u Rożi – praspura wara l-oħra (antics galore) is an original production based on the well-loved short stories of George Zammit. It is presented in the style of a traditional Maltese “teatrin” (a comic theatrical play). Join us on the 18th or 19th February 2023 to meet our lead characters, a loving yet frequently bickering elderly couple who live in a remote Maltese village together with their neighbours and friends. Set in the early 1920s, this light-hearted comedy reminds us of the bitter-sweet nostalgia of days gone by. 

Genre: Comedy
Language: Maltese with periodic English narrations
Suitable for: All ages
Run time: 1 hour 15 minutes

This show has been made possible by funding from the Brimbank City Council, the support of the MCCV and dedication of our cast members and director Simone Cremona (musicworx).