With nearly 20 years experience teaching piano to both children and adults in Melbourne and overseas, Simone is able to tailor lessons to meet the needs of each piano student.  All students will also receive a grounding in music theory, which will enhance their learning. Students will be encouraged to practise regularly so as to make the most of their lessons.

Beginners to advanced students are welcome and students can be prepared for piano examinations with AMEB, if they wish.

Minimum age: 6 years and over, including adults.
Location: North-western suburbs of Melbourne (please enquire for more specific details).
Class type: Individual, as this allows the lesson to be tailored to the needs of each student.
Lesson length: 30 mins, 45 mins or 1 hour (depending on level).
Price: $30 for 30 mins.  Longer sessions pro rata.

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Does the student require a piano? As the saying goes, practice makes perfect – and this applies to piano as well as to any other instrument / voice.  There are alternatives to an acoustic piano, for those who wish such as a digital piano or even an electronic keyboard for beginners.

How frequently should the student practise? Beginning students may find that they can get away without doing much (if any!) practice. However, it is important to develop good habits from a very early age.  Regular practise supports students to improve consistently, meaning they achieve better results and this provides an increased sense of satisfaction, mastery and likelihood of further practice.

Is it compulsory to sit for exams? No! At musicworx, the primary focus of learning music is for the purpose of enjoyment, confidence building and skill development.  Of course, if the student (and their parents where applicable) are interested, students can definitely be prepared for both practical and theory examinations.  Sometimes, having a goal to work towards can be indeed beneficial.

Is there a minimum age to learn music?  Not at all.  However, formal individual music lessons are not necessarily the best option for very young students.  musicworx’s recommendation is that students are exposed to music regularly – nursery rhymes are a fantastic option as they provide a strong sense of melody, rhyme and rhythm.  Encourage your child to sing along or clap / tap to the beat.  If you wish to take this a step further, you may be interested in contacting other local companies that offer small groups to this age range.

Contact musicworx for more information.