Music Theory Lessons

musicworx is now offering Music Theory classes for students who take instrument or voice training but have not had the opportunity to formally devote time to understanding the language of music during their usual music lessons. Theory is an important part of learning any instrument – it helps students make sense of music and provides them with the skills and knowledge to improve their musical ability.


Ikun Li Trid Int DVD – now available!

Ikun Li Trid Int – Thy Will Be Done is a 2015 music production of the classic Maltese musical that is performed widely around Malta and Gozo during the Lenten period.  It is a musical reflection based on the 14 Stations of the Cross. The live performance, held in Melbourne, sung in Maltese with English reflections was filmed so that others can also witness a piece of Maltese culture and heritage. (more…)

$2,548 Raised by IKUN LI TRID INT for Charity

As an organisation, musicworx has identified that its primary goal is not to raise profits, but to engage the local community through music related activities.  As such, we have agreed to donate any profits made from our major productions.  In the case of the stage production IKUN LI TRID INT, the identified cause was the Aldea Infantil Sagrada Familia in Arequipa, Peru.  This organisation is currently managed by Fr. Alex Busuttil, MSSP.

Through ticket sales and stall purchases, musicworx was successful in raising $2,547.80 over and above covering its own costs and this money was passed onto the identified organisation. (more…)