$2,548 Raised by IKUN LI TRID INT for Charity

As an organisation, musicworx has identified that its primary goal is not to raise profits, but to engage the local community through music related activities.  As such, we have agreed to donate any profits made from our major productions.  In the case of the stage production IKUN LI TRID INT, the identified cause was the Aldea Infantil Sagrada Familia in Arequipa, Peru.  This organisation is currently managed by Fr. Alex Busuttil, MSSP.

Through ticket sales and stall purchases, musicworx was successful in raising $2,547.80 over and above covering its own costs and this money was passed onto the identified organisation. (more…)

Ikun Li Trid Int: Now open for Expressions of Interest

 Would you like to be involved in musicworx’s upcoming stage production of IKUN LI TRID INT – THY WILL BE DONE in March 2015?

musicworx is accepting expressions of interest for cast and crew members, until end November 2014. There are positions for choir members and soloists (must be able to read Maltese), actors, musicians and backstage crew.  Auditions may be required. Please email us on info@musicworx.org should you wish to obtain further information or to register your interest.

Upcoming musicworx Production: Ikun Li Trid Int

musicworx is excited to announce that it will be presenting a staged production of IKUN LI TRID INT – THY WILL BE DONE, a Maltese musical following the final hours of Christ’s life, based on the 14 stations of the Cross in March 2015.

The production hopes to draw a multicultural audience by presenting the musical across a number of creative and artistic media, so that non-Maltese speakers may also have the opportunity to experience this event.

Details regarding auditions, rehearsals and ticket sales will be provided in due course.

Welcome to the musicworx website!

musicworx is aimed at bringing people together to develop and share creativity and talent in the music realm while producing amateur musical productions in Melbourne’s North Western suburbs.

The website will be used to showcase past events and provide information about upcoming ones. Please explore the various links to learn more about musicworx and contact us if you would like to be involved.